Our first Blitz Week of 2020 begins on Tuesday, January 21st. This time we're featuring a curated Dungeon list guaranteeing a shot at every previously released Boss, Dungeon-exclusive creature and TEK Blueprint released since our 2.0 update. As has become a tradition with Blitz Week, these Dungeons also feature a reduced timer, 2x Eery Element rewards, passive Eery Equus spawns, and you're twice as likely to encounter Noctis when teleporting to the Boss Arena.

How Does It Work?

  • In Multiplayer, players can access each Dungeon on the day that it is featured with the standard free entry.
  • In Single Player, players can access all 7 Dungeons for the entire week. The standard free entry will apply on the day a Dungeon is featured, and a higher entry fee will be applied on all non-featured days.


  • All Dungeons will have their timers reduced by half to just 15 minutes. You must complete them with haste.
  • You will be twice as likely to encounter Noctis.
  • Eery Element rewards are doubled to 20 in Multiplayer and 40 in Single Player.
  • There is a chance of finding an Eerie Equus roaming the halls of each Dungeon.

WHAT'S the schedule?



  • Tuesday, January 21st: Furious Maze of the Ape
    Features: TEK Rifle, Mosasaur TEK Saddle, TEK Door, TEK Doorframe, Journeyman TEK Leggings (low-chance) 


  • Wednesday, January 22nd: Cursed Caverns of the Webbed
    Features: TEK Shield, TEK Window, TEK Windowframe, TEK Staircase, Journeyman TEK Gauntlets (low-chance) 


  • Thursday, January 23rd: Eternal Maze of the Wolf
    Features: TEK Generator, TEK Light, TEK Wall, TEK Ceiling, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low-chance) 


  • Friday, January 24th: The Crystalline Depths
    Features: TEK Implant Chamber, TEK Teleporter, TEK Trapdoor, TEK Hatchframe, TEK Ramp, Journeyman Tapejara TEK Saddle (low-chance) 


  • Saturday, January 25th: Unearthly Refuge of the Damned
    Features: TEK Kibble Processor, TEK Foundation, TEK Ladder, TEK Pillar, Journeyman TEK Chestpiece (low-chance) 


  • Sunday, January 26th: The Scarlet Abyss
    Features: TEK Grenade, TEK Replicator, TEK Railing, TEK Fence Foundation, Journeyman Rex TEK Saddle (low-chance) 


  • Monday, January 27th: 
    Features: Megalodon TEK Saddle, TEK Trough, TEK Sloped Roof, TEK Sloped Wall Left, TEK Sloped Wall Right, Journeyman TEK Boots (low-chance)

*All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.
**Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.

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