Our Spring Eggstravaganza event kicks off on Tuesday, March 30th at 12:00pm EDT. This special event lasts all week and gives all players a chance at an exclusive skin. The Spring Eggstravaganza ends on Tuesday, April 6th at 11:00am EDT.

Event Start: Tuesday, 3/30 at 12:00pm EST

Event End: Tuesday, 4/6 at 11:00am EST


Players can find special glowing eggs spawning around The Island in ALL game modes this week. These special eggs will spawn during the in-game hours of 6:00pm – 5:00am. Loot these Eggs for your chance at over 70 different items, including the Easter Egg Hat skin.


All wild creatures* on current Official Servers will spawn as Eerie during the event. Additionally, players will find that the days are shorter during this time of year.

On Unofficial Servers, server owners will find the option to turn on Wild Eerie Spawns through their web interface during the event. Please note that this setting will be forced back off at the end of the event, after daily maintenance.


*Due to technical issues, the Unicorn and Electrophorus will not spawn as Eerie.


It wouldn’t be an Eggstravaganza without boosted breeding rates, now would it? We’re turning on 4x Egg Hatching in addition to 2x Breeding, 2x Maturation and 2x Imprinting rates on all Official Servers this week.


Daily featured sale items will also be available in all game modes, and Prank Gifts will be available once again in Multiplayer.

Special Dungeon

This event brings a special, unique-shaped Dungeon to ARK Mobile. We’ve dialed up the loot in this Dungeon and also included a special chest granting the Easter Egg Hat skin.