Happy Anniversary! Three years ago (June 14, 2018) ARK Mobile officially released on iOS and Android, so to celebrate we've put together a couple of things to really bring the party to the Island! We've got Anniversary Blitz Week, including a never-before-seen Anniversary dungeon with a special reward, Survival Surge on the weekends, a contest hosted by one of our Partners, and special store sales!

The celebration begins Tuesday, June 8th at 12pm EST and runs until Tuesday June 15th at 11am EST.

How Does It Work?

In Multiplayer, players can access each Dungeon on the day that it is featured with the standard free entry.
In Single Player, players can access all 7 Dungeons for the entire week. The standard free entry will apply on the day a Dungeon is featured, and a higher entry fee will be applied on all non-featured days.


  • All Dungeons will have their timers reduced by half. You must complete them with haste.
  • You will be twice as likely to encounter Noctis.
  • Eery Element rewards are doubled to 20 in Multiplayer and 40 in Single Player.
  • There is a chance of finding an Eerie Equus roaming the halls of each Dungeon.


  • Tuesday, June 8th:  The Forbidden Crypt 
    • Features: TEK Shield, TEK Rifle, TEK Helmet, Journeyman TEK Rifle (low chance)
  • Wednesday, June 9th: The Dampworks 
    • Features: TEK Generator, TEK Helmet, Ascendant Ghillie Boots, Journeyman Tapejara TEK Saddle (low chance)
  • Thursday, June 10th: The Boreal Labyrinth
    • Features: TEK Grenade, TEK Trough, TEK Sleeping Pod, Journeyman TEK Shield (low chance)
  • Friday, June 11th: Violent Dance of the Amphibian
    • Features: TEK Kibble Processor, TEK Leggings, 100x Black Pearls, Journeyman TEK Rifle (low chance)
  • Saturday, June 12th: The Star-Crossed Labyrinth
    • Features: TEK Gauntlets, TEK Sleeping Pod, Ascendant Fabricated Sniper Rifle, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)
  • Sunday, June 13th: Storm Caverns
    • Features: TEK Chestpiece, TEK Shield, Ascendant Fur Chestpiece, Journeyman Rex TEK Saddle (low chance)
  • Monday, June 14th: ???
    • Features: ???

*All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.


**Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.

Survival Surge


This event will feature Survival Surge bookending the start and end of the event! 


  • Survival Surge 1: June 4th – June 7th
  • Survival Surge 2: June 11th – June 14th

*Survival Surge will run on Primal Pass Only Servers for the additional 24 hours as normal

Partner Contest

The Royal Forsaken is hosting a Medieval Building Contest! 

Winners can receive:

  • 1st Place – 1250 amber + Equus statue (2), Direwolf rug
  • 2nd Place – 750 amber + Equus statue, Direbear rug
  • 3rd Place – 400 amber + Gigantopithecus rug

Visit The Royal Forsaken Discord server for more details on how you can enter!

Store Sales

This week will feature a multitude of sale items, keep an eye on the in-game store or our social media channels for more details!