Blitz Week returns on August 17th! For the next 7 days, encounter a different previously-released Dungeon.These Dungeons have been revamped with 2x Eery Element rewards, a 2x chance at encountering Noctis, passive Eerie Equus spawns and come with a reduced timer to keep you on your toes.
Additionally, players on Official Servers will find the rising prices of Toilet Paper reset at the start of Blitz Week.

How Does It Work?

  • In Multiplayer, players can access each Dungeon on the day that it is featured with the standard free entry.
  • In Single Player, players can access all 7 Dungeons for the entire week. The standard free entry will apply on the day a Dungeon is featured, and a higher entry fee will be applied on all non-featured days.


  • All Dungeons will have their timers reduced by half. You must complete them with haste.
  • You will be twice as likely to encounter Noctis.
  • Eery Element rewards are doubled to 20 in Multiplayer and 40 in Single Player.
  • There is a chance of finding an Eerie Equus roaming the halls of each Dungeon.

WHAT'S the schedule?

  • Tuesday,Aug 17th: Blizzard Morass
    Features: TEK Shield, TEK Teleporter, Ascendant Pump-Action Shotgun, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)
  • Wednesday, Aug 18th:The Dark Moon Labyrinth
    Features: TEK Kibble Processor, TEK Grenade, Ascendant Sniper, Journeyman Rex TEK Saddle (low chance)
  • Thursday, Aug 19th: The Mourning Delves
    Features: TEK Chestpiece, TEK Sleeping Pod, Ascendant Flak Boots, Journeyman TEK Rifle (low chance)
  • Friday, Aug 20th:The Wailing Chambers
    Features: TEK Gloves, TEK Generator, Ascendant Ghillie Leggings, Journeyman TEK Helmet (low chance)
  • Saturday, Aug 21st: Caverns of Delusion
    Features: TEK SCUBA Mask, TEK Chestpiece, Ascendant Fur Leggings, Journeyman Tapejara TEK Saddle (low chance)
  • Sunday, Aug 22nd: Quarters of the Serene Marsh
    Features: TEK Shield, TEK Implant Chamber, Ascendant Pump-Action Shotgun, Journeyman Mosasaur TEK Saddle (low chance)
  • Monday, Aug 23rd: Supersonic Chambers
    Rex TEK Saddle, TEK Teleporter, Ascendant Sword, Journeyman TEK Boots (low chance)

*All featured Dungeons begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time, and end at 11:00am Eastern Time the following day.

**Community-made maps and further information on each Dungeon can be found here.