Employee Spotlight

Holly: Office Manager

Holly is the true superhero here at GSG! When she's not being a full-time mom or working on her writing projects you can often find her here at GSG.

As Office Manager, she helps to make sure everything flows and functions properly and helps the overall morale here at the studio.

What is your favorite part about working at GSG?

After 15 years as a stay-at-home mom, I finally have a reason to wear nice things again.

What was the most captivating task you had at GSG so far?

Since I'm in administration, I wouldn't describe my job duties as 'captivating' per se, but I do enjoy planning birthday treats and company lunches.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I do a bunch of stuff (15 years as a full-time mom). I'm a novelist, a writing mentor, and a content creator for Wattpad. As a fun side note, my most popular trilogy (a modern tale involving Greek gods) is being turned into a screenplay and will be shopped as a TV series. Cool, yeah?

What is a challenge you weren’t expecting to find while working in the gaming industry?

Honest answer, I don't play many video games. Not only am I not a fan of bloody shoot 'em ups, but there aren't many co-op games out there to play with family members. My favorite type of video game is something with puzzles and riddles and treasure hunts, like the Nancy Drew Interactive Games I used to play with my daughter.

What have you most enjoyed about working on your current project?

With regards to GSG, I don't have a current project, just little projects that pop up here and there. I like that about my position, it offers variety. If we're talking about my writing life, I am currently building an online resource for writers who want to get better at their craft and learn how to market their books and brand themselves on social media. So, to answer the original question, I'm enjoying the hell out of this.

What is a game you would love to work on in the future?

Since I'm not a video game developer, I'll share a little secret I've held. I would love to have my gargoyles of New York trilogy turned into a video game (not the one currently being turned into a screenplay). There are gargoyles, demons, a necromancer, even an Egyptian goddess, all with badass skills. Then once the video game is a success, Henry Cavill can play the lead gargoyle in the movie!

What is your favorite game?

Little Big Planet and Guitar Hero