Greeting ARK Mobile players!


Our Easter Eggstravaganza (get it?) will be starting on Thursday the 14th at 12:00pm EDT and ending on the 19th at the same time. This event will give all players a chance at the event-exclusive Easter Egg Hat skin as well. 


Official times

Start: Thursday April 14th 12:00 pm EDT

End : Tuesday April 19th 12:00 pm EDT

Here is a list of what’s happening in this event:


Players can find special eggs spawning all around the Island during this event. Inside these eggs will be 1 of 100+ different pieces of loot, including the Easter Egg Hat skin, Ancient Amber, Ascendant Gear, Eery Element, and other premium items.


All wild creatures* on current Official Servers will spawn as Eerie during the event. Additionally, players will find that the days are shorter during this time of year.

On Unofficial Servers, server owners will find the option to turn on Wild Eerie Spawns through their web interface during the event. Please note that this setting will be forced back off at the end of the event, after daily maintenance.


*Due to technical issues, the Unicorn and Electrophorus will not spawn as Eerie.

Baby boom rates

It wouldn’t be an Eggstravaganza without boosted breeding rates, now would it? We’re turning on 4x Egg Hatching in addition to 2x Breeding, 2x Maturation and 2x Imprinting rates on all Official Servers this week.


All ARKetypes will be 25% off in store during the event period.


  • Crowbar
  • Frog Feet
  • Iron Skillet
  • Cutlass
  • Eerie Pistol
  • Cantilever Platform
  • Aerial Symbiote
  • Mammoth Side Saddle
  • Racing Flag
  • Eerie Turret

Special egg Dungeon

We are bringing back the Eggcellent “Quest of the Poacher” Dungeon, with loot drops including the TEK Scuba Mask, TEK Chestpiece, Ascendant Flak Helmet, and a low chance at a Journeyman Mosasaur Saddle.